Tech.Ed – Drafting and Design

Drafting or technical drawing is a universal language that uses pictures to communicate the thoughts and ideas of individuals who build and designs. Any student who is considering going into a technical career should take at least one drafting course to give them an understanding of this important technological skill. It is used in animation, architecture, commercial art, engineering, graphic communication, industrial design, interior design, landscape design, and by all technicians and trades workers (Red Seal).

Technical Studies – Technical Education 9 & 10: Drafting and Design

This course is open to students in Grades 9 and 10. Using skills taught in the course, students will learn to design a multi-bedroom apartment unit. As well as exploring the concepts of ‘interior design’. Focus will be on how to improve hand drawings and introduction to AutoCAD (computer aided design).

Technical Studies – Drafting and Design 11

This course is open to students in Grade 11 or any student who has successfully completed Drafting 10. This is a basic to intermediate drafting course. Students will learn traditional drafting concepts which includes how to prepare basic sketches, orthographic projections, pictorials, and working drawings. Students will have an opportunity to learn how to design a car, airplane, and other mechanical engineering related objects. Focus will continue to be both pencils drawn sketches and computer-generated drawings using AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting).

Technical Studies – Drafting and Design 12

This is an intermediate to advanced level drafting course. Students will learn to design a multi-story building, and a mini mall. When applicable, students will also have an opportunity to understand urban design and landscape architecture. Additional exploration will include modern transportation systems and logistic networks (such as The Port of Vancouver).

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