Home Economics – Food Studies

Food Studies 10

This course is open to all students in Grades 9 and 10.
• For Grade 9 and 10 students
• See it, make it, and eat it!
• What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
• Experience multicultural cuisines: Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Korean, and German.

Foods 10 provides students with the information and experiences necessary to make wise food choices and to increase their confidence when preparing meals. All topics cover technical skills for food preparation as well as food safe practices and nutrition principles.  Recipes include:  pizza, cinnamon buns, pad Thai (spicy Thai noodles) Chinese dumplings, double chocolate cookies, German apple pancakes, pasta with alfredo sauce, brownies, appetizers, desserts, pita chips, minestrone soup, fajitas, chicken and vegetable stir-fry, and Chap Jae (Korean noodles).  What do you learn to make in Foods at Gladstone? Check out gsscooks.weebly.com  and www.instagram.com/gsscooks

Food Studies 11

This foods course provides the student with knowledge and training in food preparation and nutrition at an advanced level.  Practical projects will build on food preparation principals learned in Foods 10:  Foods with new topics as vegetarian cooking, appetizers, pastry, preservation, and foods from other cultures.
Students will be taught by demonstration and by individual research and experimentation.

Food Studies 12

Food Studies 12 focuses on planning and preparing nutritious food for individuals, groups, and families.  Students will develop various skills from planning menus to preparing attractive meals.  They will increase their knowledge of nutrition as they prepare dishes from a variety of cultures.  Students will examine social and political economic factors that impact food production and preparation.

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