Cafe – Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts 11

This course builds on the knowledge base and skills developed in Cafeteria 11 and 12. Students will continue to work with a variety of food products and engage in special projects such as catering, special events and non- production specialty items. Students will also be introduced to aesthetics, presentation and marketing of food products. In addition, students will continue to build practical fine motor skills understanding ergonomics of the kitchen and efficient use of movement in the workplace.

Culinary Arts 12

This is an advanced course designed for those students who have completed Cafeteria 11 and 12, Culinary Arts 11 and have a strong interest in the food industry. The course will focus on advanced techniques in food study and preparation with an emphasis on careers in the foods and hospitality industries. This is a project-based course involving both independent and team-based work.

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