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Family Studies 11: Psychology Focus

This course is open to all grade 11 and 12 students.  This introductory course focuses on the study of human behaviour and development. Students will learn the basic theories and approaches of psychology. Topics to be covered include communication skills, the principles of thinking and learning, motivation, stress management, and adolescent development. Student learnings will include current research concerning psychological disorders, brain development, and personality theories. Evaluation experience include group work, case studies, popular media analysis, interviews and research. Students also have an opportunity to “parent the Family Studies babies”.

Family Studies 12: Psychology Focus

This course applies the study of psychology to the analysis of human behaviour. Students will explore the dynamics of relationships, group interactions and the changing roles of individuals and families in today’s society. This information can create a basis for understanding oneself and others better. Topics to be covered include the examination of emotions, stereotypes, prejudice, gender issues, adulthood, and the aging process.  Learning experiences include research assignments, group work, case studies, and popular media reviews.  Students also have an opportunity to “parent the Family Studies babies”.

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