Tech.Ed – Auto/Mechanics

All Automotive Technology courses will provide an introductory look into the world of cars and transportation.  Students will learn safety, tool recognition and power theory. The hands-on practical component includes working on cars needing minor repairs or preventative maintenance.  Systems of a vehicle are covered.  Tropics will range from historic cars of the old to new electric and autonomous vehicles of the future.  Advance student will be introduced to this area of the automotive trade and is encouraged to take a week of training offered at Vancouver Community College (VCC) at their state-of-the-art repair facility.

Technical Education 9 & 10 Mechanics

Automotive Technology 11

Automotive Technology 12

Automotive Technology 12: Body Repair and Finish

See Mr. Yu for specific information regarding the above courses.

Having a great time in Auto is mandatory.

Power Mechanics 9/10 and Automotive 11/12

For the academic year of 2018/2019, all four courses will be combined into a modified Automotive class. Students will have the opportunity to learn using a variety of learning opportunities to accommodate the needs of the multilevel learners within this dynamic class. Topics will include: Shop safety, Emergency Procedures (on the road), Basic Operation of an automobile, Identify basic troubles, adhere to a maintenance schedule, Wheels and Tires, Basic Oil Change, Steering and Alignment, Braking control and maintenance, Car Appearance, Power Train Operation, Fuel consumptions, and Alternative Vehicles.

Student Suggestions:

Learn and Understand:

  • ‘Simple Stuff’
  • Science of Cars/Evolutions of Cars
  • Improve/Enhance Car Performance
  • Learn about Engine, Transmission, Suspension, and Braking System
  • Learn about Motorcycle
  • Lawnmower Engine

Students will Do:

  • Basic Maintenance
  • Oil Change
  • Spark Plugs
  • Tires
  • Repair – AC leaks
  • Repair – Cars
  • Repair – Windows/Wind Shield
  • ‘Take Stuff Apart and Put Back Together’ – Engine
  • Washing/Detailing Cars

Field Trip:
Auto Related Business

Extra: Driver License Program – Learn to Drive

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