Home Economics – Textiles

Textiles 10

Students will learn creative design skills, knowledge of fibre, fabric, and construction skills. They will be introduced to the art and skills of sewing (machine & hand), knitting, beading, applique, embroidery, and crocheting. Projects will be selected according to one’s skill level and experience. Student choice is encouraged and supported. Students will complete a variety of project/ assignments each term.

Textiles 11/12

This senior program allows one to develop and improve basic sewing and design skills. Students will learn how to develop skills in the use of sewing (hand & machine), iron press, and electronic embroidery. Students will apply fabric knowledge and construction techniques to create garments that are uniquely theirs. Students will learn basic design skills, and develop their sewing, knitting, beading, embroidery, crocheting and applique skills.

Student choice is encouraged and supported. Students can create their own dance costumes and apply their knowledge in new and creative ways. A variety of projects/assignments will be completed each term.

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