Career Education

Career Education Courses:
Students are required to have 8 credits of career education over two courses.

Career Education 8 and 9
The aim of Career Education 8 and 9 is to provide students an opportunity to reflect on their preferences and skills to help them identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals. Students will also reflect upon the value of work in our lives, communities, and society, and how it may be viewed from diverse perspectives. Students will also look at adapting to economic and labour market changes and how that will require flexibility. The curriculum recognizes our career paths reflect the personal, community, and educational choices we make.

Career Life Education 10
This introductory course offers students the opportunity to explore a wide range of post-secondary and career options. Time will be spent creating a personal Career Plan while considering the global labour and market trends. These trends will impact their future employment opportunities as they work towards improving personal employability skills.

Career-Life Connections & Capstone
Career life development is an ongoing process of exploring, planning, reflecting, adapting, and deciding.

Career Life Connections provides students an opportunity to become familiar with this ongoing cycle. Students will also look at aspects that influence career life decisions – internal and external factors, including local and global trends. Emphasis will be placed upon lifelong learning and active citizenship to
foster career life opportunities.

Capstone is a learning opportunity for students to reflect and share in personally meaningful way, and is a requirement for Career-Life Connections and for graduation. The purpose of the capstone is for students to demonstrate the knowledge, competencies and passion(s) that they can offer the world, as they integrate personal interests and strengths with preferred future possibilities. It is a representation of the student’s learning journey and provides an opportunity to reflect and synthesize as well as showcase and celebrate.

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